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We’re digging into a little self-care strategy today!  What to do when there is an aspect of your life that isn’t living up to your expectations, despite all of the energy and effort you’ve dedicated to the cause…

In 2018, I was working in state government and was profoundly burnt-out and exhausted.  While I didn’t want things to change because I knew what to expect after nine years of working with the same agency… I knew things couldn’t stay the same. 

And that’s when a whole lot of “opportunity”, aka change, showed up in my life!

Isn’t that the way it frequently happens?  You hit a point in one part of your life where something must change and you follow through…but then that starts the dominoes falling and every aspect of your life is impacted. 

Honestly, how could it not?  

But that’s when the overwhelm starts.  (Talking from recent personal experience here!)

Maybe you have a great idea for a new product or business or career but Imposter Syndrome sneaks in and tells you there are so many others out there more qualified, better-spoken, more attractive, more experienced…  You get the idea.  And then you set your idea to the side and walk away.  (Did it!)

Maybe there is an aspect of your health that you want to change and you can find all the steps online or in a book, but it’s hard!  Again, that little voice starts whispering in your ear that things are never going to change, you can't do it and you are nothing more than a victim of your own efforts.  (Been there, too!)

That’s where a coach comes in. 

At the foundation, a coach is simply another person on the planet who has been in or through a situation similar to what you're dealing with right now.  With that experience, they can help you find the simpler way through the maze.  They are able to see your potential and remind you of it when you lose your vision and your confidence. And...this is the really powerful part...they are better at staying objective and helping you discover how much you already know about how to "fix" your situation.  Talk about a cheerleader! 

They can provide you with the practical information you need to accomplish a particular goal; they help you anticipate when and where the big challenges are going to pop up; and they help you find your own motivation to keep going, even when things are really hard.  

And the biggest thing you can learn from a good coach?  You are capable of far more than you may believe.  You could spend a ton of time and energy researching and trialing new approaches to your situation, but why not let someone who has walked a similar road help you get to your goals.  Use that precious time and energy for some of the other stuff you love to do (especially if there just isn't enough time for it all)! 

Always remember – you are not alone.  Regardless of your journey, there are others who have a very similar experience and can help you navigate your own journey.  And many of them are coaches!

Sixty-second Self-Care Tip...

When is the last time you sat down and really defined your health goals?  (You know I'm all about the health stuff, but this can relate to any other goal you have!)  If you've been working on a particular concern for a while, it may be time to stop, see how far you've come and then reassess where you want to be.

Grab a notebook and a favorite pen and get really honest with yourself about your priorities, frustrations, desires and hopes.  It all plays a role in defining your goals. 

And then you might consider looking for a coach to help focus your efforts.  In fact, if you're struggling with histamine intolerance, MTHFR and other genetic susceptibilities, food intolerances, or even feeling overly anxious, consider emailing me at melissa@melissaoverman.com for more information on coaching!  


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