What’s behind Door #3?

Let’s Make a Deal.  Remember that one?  And I’m talking the Monty Hall version from the 70s and 80s.  (It fascinates me how game shows just keep coming back.)  Not only did folks wear costumes, but the infamous decision between door number one, door number two and door number three.  My memories of that show are similar to Saturday morning cartoons – comfortable, happy and full of curiosity. 

Why do I spend time thinking about old game shows and Saturday morning cartoons?  (Grape Ape and the Smurfs were my favorites!)  Because reminiscing improves our resilience; that ability to motor through tough times and learn from them instead of being crushed by them.  Resilience is important to our overall health and outlook on life.

But Let’s Make a Deal appeals to me for another reason – Options.  Having options has always been really important to me.  I believe that is a relatively common human desire – the option to choose what to do, who to be, what to eat.  Keeping options available was one reason I went to osteopathic medical school. (I’m a DO, not an MD – but more on that another day!)  

In osteopathic medical school I learned all of the amazing aspects of medicine just like the MDs, but also ways to work on the physical structure of the body to help improve health.  It’s another option I can offer my patients and I am forever grateful that is the path I chose.  But that decision was not easy at the time.

We all hit moments in our lives when we have to choose between options.  They’re frequently uncomfortable moments in which we have to make some big decisions, but we get to choose.  We make the decision. 

Maybe it’s an opportunity to choose something that you had never even considered before – a different career, a new home, or a way to serve those around you.  Maybe it’s the choice to stay right where you are.  In each situation, you have the opportunity to change some of the boundaries and definitions in your mind.  We frequently limit ourselves more than those around us. 

As I have navigated some big options like this over the past several years, and struggled with those internal limitations, I have found it really helpful to find in my mind and imagination a vision of where I would I like to be.  Simply put, daydream about what you want life to look like.  And it ends up, the more detailed and specific your daydream, the more likely you are to actually find yourself there someday. 

This does become the challenge, though.  When was the last time you sat still long enough to think about the future and where you would really like to be?  We’re too busy these days!  Too busy making things happen right now.  And it’s so easy to get distracted by the noise and demands of the day.  Or, we just can’t picture ourselves someplace different than where we are right now.

So, let’s simplify this a bit.  Here are the two big prompts for you to use as a starting point for your full life vision:

What would your life look like if you were living it to your fullest?

Why is your vision important to you?

The first one can encompass all aspects of life. Explore each area – health, work, relationships, recreation, finances.  All of those puzzle pieces that ultimately create that full life. And I encourage you to let go of all of the reasons why something won’t happen or can’t work. Who knows what the future holds?!

And the second one is all about the why.  We can daydream some wild and crazy things…but why is it important to you?  Your why becomes the motivation and determination that gets you through challenging times as you move towards your full life. 

The thing I really like about these two questions is there is no right or wrong answer and answering them is a process.  The more you chew on them and the more options you consider, the closer you get to your full life vision. 

Sixty-Second Self-Care Tip

Daydream.  You saw that one coming, didn’t you?  Spend a minute here and there throughout the day exploring and discovering what you want life to look like.  Where are you?  What are you doing for fun and for work?  How do you relax?  Who is around you?  What brings you joy and happiness? 

And an added benefit of daydreaming?  You’re building resilience.  I know a lot of folks define resilience as bouncing back, but I prefer to look at it as gaining momentum so you can keep moving forward through the hard times.  Regardless…resilience is good for your health!

And if you’re still wondering about this self-care thing, I have a free download for you to get you started today.  Self-care doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.  In fact, most of the self-care practices in this resource are free!  Click here to download now!


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