We don’t heal alone…

Why is it so hard to ask for help?  And it's one thing to ask for help with the dishes in the sink or vacuuming the house but asking someone else to help you through a personally painful or challenging situation is crazy hard.  

At least it is for me.  It's safer to just keep my pain and discomfort to myself and wait it out, figure it out or deal with it.  But, boy, is it stressful.

And that's the fascinating part of it all - stress has a way of pushing us into community and towards others we can lean on and learn from.  Really - it's all oxytocin and the other stress hormones.  

We are programmed to seek out another person when we're stressed.  Just imagine how satisfying a tight hug is when you're dealing with something really big.  

Food sensitivities are no different.  I consider food sensitivities a chronic stressor - both physically and emotionally.  There is not one aspect of life not impacted by food sensitivities.  

The hard part with food sensitivities is we consider it a medical issue and so we go to a doctor to ask for help.  And, unfortunately, they don't always have a whole lot of answers for us.  Maybe some invasive testing with the GI doctor or, if you're lucky, allergy testing with the allergist.  But, more often than not, we're just told to "avoid the foods that bother you".

And then we start reading the entire internet trying to figure it out on our own.  

Really…how much time and sleep have you lost researching food sensitivities or MTHFR or even histamine intolerance online only to be more confused about whether or not to take methylfolate or eat gluten or test for food sensitivities?  

In just a couple weeks I'll be opening up my newly updated course, Food Sensitivity Code, for registration. We'll be exploring all things histamine intolerance, food choices, genetics (like MTHFR) and even how to get a healthcare provider to listen and help you on this journey. It's all about building your team so you're not figuring this all out on your own in the middle of the night after everyone else is in bed.

And if a step-by-step program and community of food sensitivity survivors isn't your thing, consider how you can build your own food sensitivity team to lean on and learn from.  Here are a few ideas for consideration:

  • Who has earned the right (family or friend) to know your innermost fears?  
  • Who do you know who can lift you up when you're frustrated and angry and "done"?
  • Who respects your boundaries and your symptoms?  Do they advocate for you when you can't control the menu?
  • Do you have any friends who also have food sensitivities with whom you can strategize?
  • Are there any Meet-Up groups or even support groups local to you which focus on food sensitivities?

Regardless of how you find some support, just get out there and find one person who will be there to give you a big hug when you need it.  

Remember, we don't heal alone.  

Sixty-second Self-care Tip…

To truly keep this one under 60-seconds, today's tip is relatively simple.  It's one of my absolute favorites and it pops up regularly in these 60-second blips.  

Find someone to hug.  Someone who will hug you back and really squeeze.  

Can't find an actual person?  Hug the dog or the teddy bear or the pillow.  

You're not alone in this journey.  

And, if you're interested in that step-by-step program that will provide you with a personalized plan for improving your food sensitivities and skills to finding a healthcare provider who will truly support you, click here to join the waitlist for Food Sensitivity Code.  I would be honored if you joined us this August!  


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