An Inflammation Vacation

Have you ever noticed how different you feel on vacation?  It's some time off work, maybe a change of scenery, maybe some alone time and suddenly you may notice you're sleeping better, have more of an appetite, aren't quite so cranky and maybe even drop a few pounds.

Or, maybe you notice that some of your health struggles are less of an issue when you can take a break - less pain, fewer food cravings, shorter headaches, etc.

Why is it?  What is so very special about vacation that seems to change our health over a few days?

Stress.  You let go of and walk away from some of your daily stress when you go on vacation!  If you've ever second-guessed the impact of stress on your health, just think about how different you feel when you get a change of scenery and routine for a little bit.

And really quickly, I want to talk to those of you who may feel the exact opposite - you go on vacation and have to stay in bed for three or four days because you feel so wiped out and sick to your stomach.  The same phenomenon is going on - less stress - but you've been pushing way too hard for too long.  Your body has more recovering to do when you finally give yourself permission to rest a bit.  

Keep in mind chronic stress causes inflammation in your body.  Inflammation can be a cause of weight gain, leaky gut, food sensitivities, anxiety and depression, and then the big things we're used to hearing about on the news: diabetes and heart disease, among others.  

Remember, every aspect of health and wellness is multifactorial so to say inflammation is THE cause of diabetes isn't accurate - but inflammation (and stress) play a huge role in all of those symptoms and diseases.  Truly, the list of issues caused or aggravated by inflammation can go on for pages.  And it affects us all.

Regardless, you and I both would benefit from building in a little more "vacation" into our daily lives.  Actually booking time away and running away from home can be a real challenge.  But you can build in some fun, recreational time into your regular routine.  

Consider adding a morning or after dinner walk to your day a few times a week.  Start or rediscover a favorite hobby that may have been set aside years ago.  Take a Saturday afternoon nap.  Explore a nearby downtown or state park for an afternoon.  Read a book that has nothing to do with your school or work.  

And plan one of those actual getaways, too!

Ultimately, find something you enjoy doing that helps you forget about your stressors and worries for a while.  In doing so you're not only breaking up your week and making work a little easier, you are literally changing your health for the better!

Sixty-Second Self-Care Tip...

I find one of the hardest things about doing the "fun, recreational" thing is figuring out the actual  "fun, recreational" thing!  It's easy to spend tons of time looking and that burns through your adventure time.  Instead, consider creating your very own "fun and recreational" list!  

Start a list of mini-adventures or activities you would like to try or books to read, movies to watch, etc.  Ask around for some of the cool and nifty things that others have found to do for relaxation and fun in the area.  Pretend like you're a tourist in your own town or city - check out the tourist's center for more options.  If you find something that looks and sounds enjoyable, add it to your list!

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