Using genetics to solve the food sensitivity puzzle

Figuring out how to overcome food sensitivities is a challenging puzzle.  Seriously hard.  Like that 500-piece double-sided dalmatian puzzle.  (There really is such a thing!)  It's hard to get a good solid clue to start piecing it all together - with food sensitivities or that dalmatian puzzle!

That's why we need to take advantage of all the available clues.  With food sensitivities I believe genetic testing is one clue that is yet to really be leveraged.  

Think it sounds far-fetched?  Let's talk it out a bit…

This kind of genetic testing isn't looking to specifically say you're allergic to soy or sensitive to chocolate.  It's not a diagnosis.  What we're looking at is how your body is uniquely programmed to perform it's daily biochemistry duties.  

Those duties are the survival skills that equate to chores - like taking out the garbage and cleaning the bathroom.  And just like any chore that you are actually doing every day or every week, there are sometimes you just don't get it done.  Maybe you get sick or you worked some overtime and you're just tired.  

Your body is busy every second of every day using enzymes and micronutrients to keep you as healthy as possible.  But sometimes stress, diet, poor sleep or environmental exposures slow down that biochemistry.  (Do those sound familiar?!)  

By looking at genetics, we can anticipate what will slow down some of your biochemistry.  And we can identify how to support your body in the best way for you (not your neighbor) and the unique stressors in your life.  

To bring this back around to food sensitivities (because that's what I love to talk about!), we can gain some really powerful insights into how well your body gets rid of histamine and estrogens, how well your liver and gallbladder do their jobs, and how well your body manages neurotransmitters like serotonin.  All of those, plus many more, play a huge role in gut health and managing inflammation - two of the big causes of food sensitivities.  

The thing to remember about genetics, however, is that they are like words in a book - unchanging, black and white.  But when we read a book, the words take on meaning that impact our minds, hearts and spirit.  We weave those words into our own personal story and they may take on meanings different from what we saw on the page.  Just because your genetics say your body may be a little slow to clear histamine doesn't necessarily mean that is what is going on at this very moment.  

Why?  Because we control our Four Cornerstones of Epigenetics - diet, stress, sleep and environmental exposures.  How we guard these aspects of our lives is at least as important as what our genetics say.  

But, just like the picture on the box of the puzzle, genetics can give us insights into how to solve the bigger puzzle of food sensitivities.  

If you've already done or 23andme testing, you have this information available to you.  If you have no desire to work with these companies, there are several private companies that prioritize confidentiality and security of your information.  Ultimately, it's all up to you!  And, no…you don't have to have the genetics to get good results with your food sensitivities but it can offer another hint for your puzzle!

Sixty-Second Self-Care Tip...

Let's go back to basics today!  How much water are you drinking every day?  If you're like me, not enough!  (And I carry a water cup around everywhere I go!)  Ladies, we should be targeting 3.7 liters a day or 11.5 cups.  That's the general consensus out there.  

My approach?  However much you're drinking now, try to add one more container-full to your daily routine.  If you carry a water bottle or cup, make it a goal to refill one more time today than you usually do…and stick with it!  

Water helps all of those genetics do their job!!

Have questions about using genetics to help you figure out your food sensitivities???  Follow me over on Facebook for weekly FB Lives and ask your questions!  I'll be happy to answer any that you post.  


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