The GOOD of histamine intolerance and food sensitivities

When you're in the middle of histamine intolerance and reacting to every food you eat and anticipating what your body may do in the next hour, day or week…it's hard to see the good in the situation.  

I saw that!  You rolled your eyes just a bit, right?  Maybe you're thinking, "Great.  More of that positivity, optimism, gratitude stuff."  Actually, there is more to it than that…

The FIRST Good Thing about Histamine Intolerance…

You are in the minority of individuals who can listen to their body.  Guaranteed, yours is screaming at you sometimes so it's hard to ignore.  But that's just the beginning.  As you walk this path, you become more and more skilled in knowing what is going on with your body, when you can push it and when you need to play by the rules, and how to respond to what it is saying.  

THAT is like learning another language.  And you're well on your way to being fluent enough to hold an honest-to-goodness conversation with that body you're living in.  When something really big or significant happens in life, you already know how to tune in to your body and truly take care of you in the most beneficial way.  And that is HUGE - you take care of you!

The SECOND Good Thing about Histamine Intolerance…

Because you understand the language of your body and what it is trying to tell you, you can trust it.  And it's a lot easier to trust yourself when you can trust your body.  Even if it's doing bizarre and uncomfortable things, you can trust it to do those bizarre and uncomfortable things!  

We're all out there looking for answers.  The world we live in, with all of its instant information and "best" solutions, relies a lot on marketing strategies because folks are trying to make money.  So they leverage a symptom or an emotion and they convince you that you are horribly ill or you need this fantastic $300 thing.  If you can trust your body, you can more easily swipe those messages to the side and look for the truth in it all.  And then you can make the best decision for you…instead of simply being swept up in the message.

The THIRD Good Thing about Histamine Intolerance…

Ever hear the phrase, necessity is the mother of invention?  It's true!

If you suddenly have a list of eight foods that your body will tolerate for now (not forever!), you start looking around at options and get creative!  If your body or face products suddenly cause reactions, you start looking for alternatives.  If your living or work space makes you feel worse, mentally or physically, you start to ask questions about the environment.  You get motivated to find, try or create something different, something that works for you!

The MOST IMPORTANT Good Thing about Histamine Intolerance…

Those three things up there are important.  The more you can learn about yourself and trust that amazing body, the better you can take care of yourself.  But even with those really good things, sometimes hope can get a little hard to hold on to.

I know you can feel better.  I'm cheering you on because the most important thing is for you to believe you can feel better.  There are answers out there that will get you closer to your health and wellness goals.  Maybe it's using epigenetics and genetics to find your susceptibilities.  Maybe it's something completely different - acupuncture or specialty diets or medication.  There is no one right way to do this thing…there is just the way that serves you the best.  

Next week we'll put together some more of the pieces of epigenetics and genetics.  We need some more practical steps to take.  In the meantime…

Sixty-second Self-care Tip…

What is your safe place?  It can be a physical space or a place you find in your mind and imagination.  Regardless, it is the place (or places) to which you can retreat when things are too hard, too scary or you simply need to rest and feel safe for a bit.  

We all need a safe place.  There is more and more evidence out there saying if your nervous system feels threatened, it can cause just about any symptom or illness.  And that includes food sensitivities and allergies.  

So…where do you go when you need to feel safe?  If you're not sure, take some time this week and look for a comfy, relaxed place you can use to help calm the chaos of day.  

There is so much to figuring out food sensitivities, histamine intolerance, even MTHFR genetic susceptibilities.  Looking for a safe, non-judgmental place to learn more and be empowered to solve your own food sensitivity puzzle?  Join the waitlist for Food Sensitivity Code, a 5-week online program to help get you back in control of what you eat and how you feel.  Coming late this summer!


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