What are you eating now the party is over?

What is the biggest personal event you have spent time anticipating?  Maybe a big birthday or a wedding, the winter holidays or a retirement?  

Regardless of what it was, have you ever experienced a let-down once it's over?  

It's like setting a big goal and focusing all your energy and effort on it…and then you achieve it!  But then what?  What's next?  You were so focused on that one thing and now it's gone…

Our culture is very goal-oriented, achievement-oriented, etc., so it makes sense we all have those big events and goals we push and strive toward.  Add in the imaginations of what we believe will change in ourselves and in our lives afterwards, and it can all become really big and overwhelming really quickly. 

Rarely does the actual event or accomplishment, or even life afterwards, live up to what we thought it would be.  And that's where the let-down comes in.  It's a one-two punch - the actual event is done leaving a vacuum of sorts in your day, and then it all wasn't quite what we expected.  

So…what does any of this have to do with food sensitivities?  

The big events I'm talking about are also big stressors.  Stressors influence what we eat.  And even if you make it through the big event sticking to your preferred way of eating, it is so easy to slip and slide into eating anything afterwards!  

Why?  Simply, because you're tired.  Life has changed in some way.  You have changed in some way.  I believe in each of those changes, there is a loss of something, as well.  We grieve that loss…and we may grieve what didn't change.  

Regardless, now you reach for the comfort foods.  There's nothing wrong with eating the stuff that makes you feel better after a big stressor, but so much of what we crave when we're tired or stressed really doesn't make us feel better physically - it's the emotional cues we're feeding.  

This is a call and a reminder to be intentional with your food choices; to pay attention to what you are eating and why.  (Here's another post about intention and choosing what is best for you.)  You've got big things to accomplish out there in the world!  Support your mind, body and spirit with your food choices.  

And it all starts with awareness.

Sixty-second Self-care Tip…

Have you ever considered the difference between the foods that make you feel better physically and those that comfort you emotionally?  Maybe this is a good time to just consider the concept…and do a little planning!

What are the foods you naturally gravitate towards when you're stressed, tired and experiencing one of those let-down moments?  Would you say they are foods that support you emotionally or physically?  (Keep in mind there are no right or wrong answers here…just your own awareness of your food choices and why you make them.)

If the foods you identified are mostly emotional foods, can you identify one or two or even three food items that will serve your body during these stressful times AND also help the emotional and mental side of things?  These become your Super Star Foods - they support you mind, body and spirit!!

One of my favorite foods for these moments is actually a cup of tea which is very special to me for so many reasons.  Not the least of which is it helps with histamine intolerance, it calms my tummy and smells heavenly!  Curious?  Request a FREE download of my resource, 7 Steps to Minimize Histamine Intolerance, to learn more.  Just CLICK HERE.


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