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Food sensitivities are stinky.  Especially when they just seemingly pop up out of nowhere.  You and I both know when something isn't quite right physically, it’s more than just a little inconvenience.  It turns your world upside down.  

But it affects more than the physical, right?  It also creates a lot of doubt and confusion.  The mental game of food sensitivities is huge!

In the little world inside my head there are rules for everything.  There is a right way and wrong way to do just about anything.  I don't think I'm unique in that mindset. 

If  you find yourself in a situation where you’re wondering if you now suddenly have food sensitivities because of something you did – right or wrong – I want to talk to you today.  

None of us wake up looking for a new way to get sick from eating or some reason to quit eating the foods we rely on for our physical and mental health.  You did not ask to be in this situation.

And on the other side of that, there is nothing that you have deliberately done that got you to this place.  Yes, we each can make a lot of decisions that will wound our bodies but I have yet to meet someone who has intentionally initiated food sensitivities in their bodies.  

At least not intentionally.  The one thing we all do that increases (but doesn’t guarantee) some potential issue with food sensitivities is eat the same thing all the time.  We all do it!  We have our routine, our favorites and the stuff we crave depending on the situation.  

But, again, we’re not eating those foods, thinking to ourselves – oooh!  I hope I develop a sensitivity to this one!

The thing to know about most sensitivities is that they are an issue for a time.  Once we find all the places our trigger food is hiding and we get rid of it as best we can…and we look for the actual root cause and address the Four Cornerstones of Epigenetics…food sensitivities will frequently disappear.  Yes, there does appear to be a predisposition to that particular food trigger but if we go back to the age-old mantra of everything in moderation, we can still enjoy those foods in small measure and on special occasions.  

That is all strategy - not rules.  It's figuring out a puzzle - not shaming yourself for the symptoms you are experiencing.  

After living with my own food allergies and sensitivities for over 45 years, I can promise you this journey will create more resilience in your mind and life than you have ever experienced!  And, yes, it will also provide some amazing frustration.

Just remember to give yourself some grace – you didn’t do any of this on purpose.  And just like so many other things in life, it’s another opportunity to explore your creativity, strength and curiosity because you can find the solution to your food sensitivities.

Sixty-Second Self-Care Tip

Without getting too crazy into mindset work today, I want to share a quick tool I have used for years.  This is one that helps in just about any situation where decisions need to be made - or that obnoxious, critical internal voice gets too loud.  (You know that voice, right?!)

This is the H.A.L.T. Self-Quiz.  The H stands for hungry, A for angry, L for lonely and T for tired.  

When those rules in your mind and that nasty little voice starts telling you all of the ways you're just wrong, ask yourself if you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.  If you answer yes, then HALT!  It's not a good time to make big decisions or to give in to those critical thoughts.  

Easier said than done - avoiding HALT - but at the least it helps remind us of the other factors in play and offer ourselves a little more grace.

Looking for some answers about what may be causing your food sensitivities?  Food sensitivity and allergy testing can be pretty confusing.  Grab a copy of my FREE resource, Food sensitivity testing: Which test is right for you?  Click here!


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