Let’s pretend we’re seven years old…

You know those weeks where you look around and suddenly it’s Thursday morning but it feels like Monday morning and yesterday feels like it was two weeks ago?  Does that even make sense?  It’s those weeks where you’re busy and tired and moving in too many directions.  Can you feel it?  Yeah, me, too.  At the end of those weeks, I feel like a different person than I did on Monday.  It feels like a lifetime has passed over the course of that week. 

That has become part of my language – when talking about something that happened last year or twelve years ago or, sometimes, eight hours ago, “it’s been <insert preferred number> lifetimes since XYZ”.  One of those silly things about me, I guess.  (Thankfully, my mom understands!)

But this morning something popped up in my email that really reinforced the feeling of multiple lifetimes passing – a weekly email for a popular New York based yarn/craft shop selling, of all things, friendship bracelet kits!

Do you remember friendship bracelets?  Using embroidery floss, a clipboard or safety pin and a bunch of knots to create a colorful bracelet – in a wide variety of patterns – to gift or have someone tie on your own wrist?  Talk about a blast from the past!  And talk about multiple lifetimes ago – we’re all very different people than we were in junior high or high school.

Or are we? 

You know I’m a physician and a coach, so I end up chatting with all sorts of AMAZING folks about life and where we are now versus the “ideal” that we once knew.  And we talk a lot about how to manage stress…because we all have it, it makes a huge difference in our physical and mental health, and it’s one of my favorite topics!   

We talk about the Big Question – what makes you happy?  If you can easily answer that question, you’re doing better than many of us!  Life moves on, we get busy with responsibilities and the hobbies and activities that make us happy frequently get pushed to the side.  We get stressed.  We forget.  That’s life, right?

If you can relate, no worries! 

Spend some time reminiscing about the good things from your childhood – like when you were seven years old.  What did you love to do?  What were the things that all of your friends knew you’d be doing on the weekend, after school or anytime you could sneak it in?  Could be stuff from junior high, high school or we can even stretch it into college…but college frequently becomes a different lifetime with its own responsibilities and opportunities, right?  But it’s totally up to you!  The only rule, per se, is that you pick out the things that you really loved. 

Ultimately, this entire exercise is about rediscovering the authentic you.  As “lifetimes” pass we change to meet the needs of a variety of situations and we’re shaped by our experiences.  And that’s necessary – but don’t forget You in the craziness of it all.

You are unique and wonderful and desperately needed in this crazy world. (And just so you know, if you start now, you can have friendship bracelets made for all of your BFFs by National Friendship Day!  No…really…it’s August 4th!)

Sixty-Second Self-Care Tip

Since we’re talking about lifetimes ago…when we were kids…this week’s sixty-second tip is all about bare feet!  And the best place for bare feet?  In green grass!  Take a minute (or several), kick off those shoes and socks and wiggle your toes into any patch of green grass you can find.  We can get into all sorts of talk about energy and grounding here, but I suggest we keep it pretty light – allow the sensation of the grass on your feet to remind you of when you had fewer responsibilities and stressors. 

And then see if you can’t think of one or two activities you loved as a kid.  Maybe you can give them a try for the first time (again!) next weekend! 

And since you’re on a roll, check out my free download that shares 7 super-easy and super-cheap self-care activities to start TODAY!  We all have to start sometime.  😉  Just click right here!!


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