What medicine has forgotten…

Food sensitivities - those reactions we have to foods - are one of the hardest puzzles to solve. Not only are there innumerable foods which may react or cross-react or only react at certain doses or even times of the day, but there are also that many different kinds of reactions. 

There is no reason to expect that what you have identified as "food sensitivities" is the same as what the next three or four people who describe food reactions experience. Doesn't mean you're wrong or they're right. All it means is you are a unique being.

That's the thing medicine has forgotten, or simply gotten too busy to remember - you are a unique individual with a unique story. Your life experiences and how you feel in your body are different from anyone else.  

So why do we expect all of these different puzzles to respond to the same solution? 

Instead of following "cookie-cutter" medicine and trying the same thing over and over again, why not start at your very beginning and start to put together your food sensitivity puzzle pieces?

Your story is a huge part of your health - food sensitivities or not! Knowing your story and how it all affects you is a big piece of healing. 

Did you know…

  • The physical and emotional stressors your parents experienced before you were born affect your genetics and biochemistry?

  • Abuse and/or neglect at a young age changes your biochemistry?

  • The foods you eat on a daily basis impact how well your body can maintain its delicate (but very resilient) balance?

  • How much stress you experience day by day affects you at a cellular level? And that stress can be good (like exercise) or bad (like worrying about how to pay your bills)!

  • The medications you take impact the micronutrients available to your cells for energy, detox, and even neurotransmitter and hormone clearance?

Your story determines your future. The cool thing is we can make changes to impact that future - starting a new exercise routine, cutting back on sugar, getting out of a bad relationship, etc. And each of those things will actually make a direct impact on your food sensitivities! 

If it sounds a little far-fetched, just remember you are an amazing individual - mind, body and spirit. Each one of those affects the others. If you chew on it a bit, you will likely be able to come up with a few examples in your world on how your physical body affects your mood and the other way around.

But most importantly, never let anyone tell you that what you experience in your body is wrong or impossible. Trust your body. Know your story.

Sixty-second Self-care Tip…

This is one of my favorites. It is a standard for anyone in my world trying to figure out their food sensitivities. Grab some paper and something to write with and let's put together your life story timeline!

After many iterations, we've learned the easiest is to orient your paper vertically, so it's standing tall. Draw a line down the middle of the paper. That line is your life from birth to now. 

And maybe you leave a little space at the top to write out things you know about your parent's lives before you were born. (Because those things impact you, too!)

On one side of the line write down all of the big stuff which has happened to you - moving, graduations, babies, weddings, divorces, big illnesses or surgeries, financial stressors. You're the only one who knows all of this stuff…so get it down on paper. If it was a big deal to you, put it down.

(As you list more and more things, you'll notice why the paper is vertical! It's a lot easier to list a lot of stuff this way!)

Once that is pretty well filled out, go to the other side of the line and start to fill in when your different symptoms and food reactions started. Make sure the sequence matches your life experiences on the other side of the line.

We're looking for potential relationships between your life experiences and your food sensitivities. While we can rarely prove a situation caused a symptom, as we learn more about genetics and epigenetics, it all starts to make more sense. (Promise!) 

This exercise, along with the exercise from last week, will help you to start figuring out your puzzle. And when you join Food Sensitivity Code, you'll have some of your foundation pieces all ready to go!  

Food Sensitivity Code will be starting in August. Join the waitlist to be the first to hear about opportunities to learn more and to reserve your spot!


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