Food sensitivities – The ultimate brain teaser

Growing up, I loved brain teasers.  You know - the pictures that could actually be two or three different things or the goofy (or downright stupid) riddles that sounded crazy hard but then had obvious answers.  Things like, if a plane crashes on the US/Canadian border, where do you bury the survivors?  Yeah…you don't bury the survivors!  (I saw that face palm!)  

The best thing that came from those goofy riddles was a way of thinking - the ability to decide that any challenge was actually a puzzle (or a riddle) and then I had to try and solve it.  (Frankly, that's what kept me in state government for so long!)

When I started reacting to "safe" foods with my typical allergy symptoms, I decided it was a big puzzle, too.  I had to figure it out because it didn't make sense that all of a sudden I was reacting to tons of different foods.  And, to be really honest, I love food - I wasn't willing to give up so many of the things I enjoy eating.

And then I turned it into a riddle of sorts, which is now one of my favorite questions to ask myself over and over:

What if food sensitivities have nothing to do with the food?

Wanna hear the crazy part?  For most of us, it really is not all about the food.  

The reactions you have to foods are your body's way of saying it needs help in some way.  Not that the foods are bad, but that your biochemistry is blocked or overloaded somewhere in the system.  It could be a histamine intolerance issue or a blocked folate pathway or even too little zinc in your system, among many other possibilities.

Just because you're reacting to a variety of different foods doesn't mean you have to exclude all of those foods forever.  It means you need to find the solution to your unique puzzle.  

And just because of the crazy ways brains work these days - the reactions you have to foods don't mean you've done anything wrong, either!  We all do the best with the information we have available. 

We just hope the information we have is valid and true!

If you wander through this blog, you'll find posts on self-care, genetics and epigenetics, different kinds of food reactions, specific genes and the symptoms they cause when they're too fast or too slow…tons of great information.  (Yes, I am biased!)

The hard part is there are over 100 posts.  And who has the time to read and process all of that information?  Even more so, who has the time or energy to scour the internet for alternative and credible solutions to your unique puzzle?  (If that were a riddle, I would NOT be the answer!)

If you're looking for a logical, science-based, proven approach to food sensitivities presented in such a way that you end up with an action plan to put you back in control of what you eat and how you feel, consider joining the waitlist for Food Sensitivity Code.  Sign ups will open later this month and we'll work on solving your food sensitivity riddle throughout August.  

Sixty-second Self-care Tip…

Not sure if food sensitivities are really an issue for you (or a loved one)?  Let's do a little experiment, because if you're here reading this post about food sensitivities, you are at least suspicious that foods may be affecting how you feel.  

First step in our experiment, describe how you feel.  Grab a paper and something to scribble with and actually write down what you're feeling.  Include nuances about your mood, your gut, your skin and hair, even your appetite.  Whether they seem to be connected or not, write them down.  Pretend like you're finally talking to a healthcare provider who will listen - tell them (on paper) all of the things with which you have been struggling.  Take your time.  Write it all down.  Maybe even revisit it for a few days!

Next step, on that same paper, list out what you feel are some of the causes of those things you are feeling in your body and your mind.  Maybe it's a food item, but maybe it's something else.  If you fast too long or you exercise too hard, or maybe there was a big life stressor or illness that happened at the beginning of feeling off.  Whatever it is, add that to your working list.  

And third, add the things you can do, eat or take that will make those feelings better.  If you've been struggling with something for a while, you have an idea of what will take the edge off, even if it's not a solution.  These are HUGE clues to what is going on in your body.  Add those things to your list!

What you've just done is answer a few of the big discovery questions a healthcare provider should ask if you walk in with a complaint.  The difference here is you can take as much time as you need instead of trying to mash it into 20-seconds.  This is an important tool for you and your puzzle.  (And it'll come in handy when you join Food Sensitivity Code!)  

Play with this experiment this week and see what you can learn about your body.  More about next steps next week!

Curious about Food Sensitivity Code?  Join the waitlist here to get more info as soon as it is available!


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