New Series – The Biology of Food Sensitivities

A key to solving any puzzle, especially one like food sensitivities, is being able to see as many of the puzzle pieces as possible.  When the puzzle is from a box, you can dump all those pieces out on the table.  You can even see the big picture so you know how the pieces go together!  Easy-peasy.  

When the puzzle is biochemistry and molecules and immunoglobulins, the challenge increases exponentially!  There is no way to collect all of the possible causes of food sensitivities on one table.

At least that's what the world would like us to believe!  

Let's treat this blog like our table.  It's a place to collect and learn about many of the possible causes and triggers of food sensitivities.  I would love to say "all", but we're still learning about the human body and how it works.  There are still mysteries.  

So far, this blog has discussed the very real potential of genetic and biochemical triggers for food sensitivities, and we've even touched on some of the cross-reactions to different allergens.  

This next series of posts is going to be a little different.  No biochemistry (if I can keep myself under control) and, instead, a lot of basic biology and physiology.  After all, your body may be made up of different cells and organs and bones, but they ALL interact with each other.  

Never lose sight of the fact you are one harmonious, lovely being and everything in you affects all of the other parts.  (No matter how hard we try to compartmentalize!)

The purpose of this series is to give you more potential pieces for solving your food sensitivity puzzle.  And don't worry - the goal is not to take you to medical school.  But seeing more of the big picture and the various puzzle pieces really comes in handy!

So…since we're here, let's jump in! 

What are Food Sensitivities?

We're starting at the beginning.  What is a food sensitivity?  

Frankly, a food sensitivity is considered a diagnosis of exclusion in medicine.  That means all of the other possibilities for someone's symptoms have been ruled out and there is no other potential cause.  But that's if the provider is willing to acknowledge food sensitivities.  

If you do not test positive to allergy testing, which is testing IgE reactions to different foods or spices or environmental bits, then most healthcare providers stop.

With the typical causes of food reactions medically ruled out, a lot of providers simply shrug their shoulders and say "good luck".  Or I commonly hear reports of individuals being told to "stop eating gluten, dairy and the stuff that bothers you, even though I can't tell you why".  

If we're more proactive than that and consider how your body works as a unit, somewhere in the processing of a trigger food, your body has a problem with the work.  Either it can't digest something (and that could be at a cellular level) or the products of digestion cannot be cleared (and they cause or trigger reactions).  

Rarely is the food truly the cause of the reaction.  It's a symptom of something else going on.  In effect, it's your body asking for help!

The challenge here is to figure out the Why of poor digestion or poor clearance.  These both will be the threads running through each post in this series.  

Next week it'll be all things gut, since that seems to be the most common system blamed for food sensitivities and the like.  Let's see if we agree!

This will be one of your last chances to download my free resource, 7 Steps to Minimize Histamine Intolerance and Feel Better Tomorrow!  I have something new coming very soon!


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