To thine own self be true…even with food sensitivities!

Have you ever felt like the world has gotten too loud?  

TV and movies are loud.  Music is loud.  Bluetooth phone conversations in the car are so loud you can hear half of the discussion from the next vehicle!  Commercials scream at us about what we are missing in life and what to buy to feel and look better.  Everyone has an opinion about how you should live your life and raise your kids (or dogs).  

Even in healthcare, while the healthcare provider may not literally be loud, the medical opinion can be very loud and judgmental.  

Most of us are in a vulnerable position when we go to see a healthcare provider.  We're looking for answers to a problem we haven't been able to figure out on our own.  That in itself will create insecurity and anxiety.

And very often there is some amount of shame and fear associated with being vulnerable and asking a healthcare provider (essentially a stranger) for help.  When it comes to food sensitivities, this is only amplified because conventional medicine has such a hard time understanding and helping those of us with these symptoms.

That doesn't mean you're bad or wrong or broken or that your situation is un-figure-outable.  It doesn't even mean that you're doing anything wrong or that you caused your body to react to all of this new stuff.  (Seriously - who wants to react to yummy foods?!)  It just means you are unique.  We've talked a lot about genetics and epigenetics in this blog.  So much so we can be very scientific with this statement - You Are Unique.  So how can anyone expect a one-size-fits-all solution for your food sensitivities is going to be effective?

Listening to your body is one of the most powerful ways to change your health.  Learning to trust what your body is whispering to you moment by moment is where the wisdom for your situation lies.  

Sixty-second Self-Care Tip

When’s the last time you did a happy dance?  I know – who has the energy for a goofy happy dance?  Regardless, I double-dog dare you to take 30-seconds (see how I made that SUPER short?), get on your feet and do a little dance!  Turn the music on or keep it really quiet.  Be silly or not, whatever suits you and your happiness.  

The big thing here is to tune out all of that noise from outside.  Listen to your body.  There is so much wisdom there when we learn to listen to the whispers from your body.  

And when you're all done, consider these questions…

  • How did your happy dance change you and your mood or perspective on what is currently going on in your life?
  • What did your body whisper to you during your happy dance?
  • What can you learn about yourself and your body from doing a 30-second happy dance?

Options - maybe doing a "happy" dance doesn't feel real and true in your life right now.  Then why not try a gratitude dance or a hope dance.  Maybe a grief dance feels more appropriate.  Again, be true to you and where you are, but move and listen to your body and what it can share with you!

Ultimately, that's my goal with this blog, my clinic, my coaching practice and my online course, Food Sensitivity Code - to give you a different approach to your food sensitivities that will help you learn to listen to and trust your amazing body.  If you're looking for some support on this journey, consider joining the waitlist for Food Sensitivity Code, coming this summer 2023.  


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