A NEW five-week program to put you back in control of how you feel, what you eat and how you communicate with your healthcare provider.  

Given up on feeling better because no one will listen?

I hear you.  

What you feel is not "all in your head" or just a part of being a woman.  

There is a reason you feel the way you feel.  

Let's figure out why...

Personalized Health and Wellness Coaching

There comes a point in every long, difficult journey when we get tired and want to give up.  With health issues, it's hard to find someone who will listen and walk that journey with you as a guide and cheerleader.  That's what I do.

So many women are struggling with low energy, anxious and/or depressed moods, chronic pain, foggy brain and gut issues.  While the root cause for all of them is not going to be food sensitivities, you may be surprised at how much we can impact how we feel by paying attention to what we eat, drink and take as supplements or medications.

Coaching with Melissa is not about diets or tons of rules.  It's about finding what works best for you.

Overcome Food Sensitivities

find food freedom

For so many women, food sensitivities seem to pop up out of nowhere and figuring out how to calm things down is next to impossible!  Is it gut?  Is it hormones?  Maybe stress?  Or histamine intolerance?

We'll go step-by-step through your story (and genetics, if you like!) to find your unique path to food freedom. 


Genetics as a Tool

Your unique health code

Are food sensitivities just the start?  (Or maybe not even an issue for you?!)  Maybe you're struggling with brain fog, gut issues, weight gain or uncontrollable changes in mood but food doesn't seem related?  It's NOT "all in your head".  It's NOT "just a female thing". 

We'll go through your genetics to find the best approach for you to support your health!

Focus on YOUR Goals

Eliminate the Confusion

Our partnership is all about You.  That means you're making the decisions and feeling the changes - and you get all the credit since you're doing the hard work!  There is no shame or judgement in coaching.  Just accountability and a lot of grace.  

Together, we keep you focused on your goals...and that's the key to making things happen!

"It's been a long journey"

"Just wanted to say thank you for talking with me yesterday and I’m so excited that we are putting the pieces of this puzzle together.... It’s been a long journey of not knowing what’s wrong... and  I’m so glad I found you and you have no idea how much we appreciate you! You have been awesome to work with and you really care about the people you are helping, that means so much!"

Client from Alabama

About me...

You might be thinking food sensitivities and genetics are a random combination of topics for a wellness and health coach/physician.  Actually, it's my just my personal story...that I see mirrored in so many other lives around me!  I see you.

You should know this about me - I Adore Food.  And after ignoring and struggling with my own food allergies and sensitivities for over 45 years, I finally figured out (with the help of some genetic insights) how to simply enjoy eating again.  Yup - three meals a day, some snacks, some meals out with friends and colleagues - and food doesn't get in the way.  And BONUS - I can keep up with my puppy and solve math problems in my head.  (Don't laugh - it hasn't always been this way!)

After a family member was diagnosed with MTHFR and, as a physician, I had no idea how to help them along a very challenging journey, I started learning.  (And was diagnosed myself.)  I have trained with Dr. Carolyn Ledowsky at MTHFR Support Australia for over four years now. (That's as long as I was in medical school!)  I will never tell you I have all the answers, but together we can piece together your health puzzle.  

I'm a certified wellness and health coach, a certified health education specialist, a board-certified and fellowship-trained physician...and a standard poodle lover!  And a knitter.  And I love naps!  OK...seriously...I believe no one will ever know your body better than you.  If you say something feels a particular way, I believe you...and together we look for potential solutions. That's it...that's what I'm all about.  

*A quick note of clarification - while I am a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), I do not provide medical consultations or treatment in conjunction with health and wellness coaching.  You can be assured that I will offer tons of info on how to decipher and approach your unique health puzzle and you will change your health!  But when/if a medical opinion is needed, you will be referred to a healthcare provider.  You will also have all the coaching needed to get you to and through that visit successfully.  For my full Disclaimer, click here.

Ready to start?

Let's be honest...I wouldn't want to jump into any new relationship cold!  Especially if I'm going to share my personal story.  I'm assuming you and I are a bit alike in that regard.  Send me a message using the form below and we'll set up a time to chat.  Just you and me...and Zoom.

Some common questions...with the answers!

Melissa sounds like someone I'd like to work with, but what if I need a doctor?

Good catch!  The only way Melissa can be your doctor is if you are in the state of South Carolina, and that's due to licensing restrictions.  Hiring her to be your coach means she can't diagnose you, treat you for a specific illness or interpret labs but she can teach you how to understand your labs, look for root causes of symptoms and, most importantly, help you effectively partner with your healthcare provider.  If you need a new doctor, she will offer some suggestions on how to find a like-minded practitioner, whether that is a practitioner licensed as a Medical doctor, a Naturopathic doctor or a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor.

You will never hear Melissa say she gives up on you or you're on your own.  Within the coaching scope of practice, she will work as hard as you do to achieve your goals.  

Ready to start?  Use the form above to send her a message.

What kinds of health issues can Melissa help me with?

If you ask Melissa which clients and patients she enjoys working with the most, she will likely say "those who are hurting the most".  Life is not easy. Health is definitely not easy, especially with everyone and their brother developing the next greatest set of rules that will set you free from your symptoms.  There is a lot shame in healthcare.  If you're tired of being ignored, dismissed or told "it's all in your head", YOU are Melissa's favorite client.

That said, she works a lot with folks struggling with food sensitivities, brain fog, fatigue, chronic pain, anxious and depressed mood, and those with the really nebulous "I just don't feel good" story.  Many women share stories of a doctor saying "good luck" as they walk out the door or saying "I have nothing else for you".  Just because others have said they don't know and can't, Melissa is just as likely to say "I don't know but let's figure it out!"  

Wondering if she can help with your story?  Use the form above to send her a message!

How does coaching work? What should I expect?

Coaching is a partnership.  (Melissa's secret desire is that somehow we can make medicine more of a partnership, too!)  In coaching, you share your story, your hopes and your goals (or we figure those out together) and then your coach is someone to walk the journey with you as you do your work. A coach can't make the change you want miraculously happen (neither can your doctor, for that matter!), but they can help you stay on track and offer some grace when things don't go as planned.  There is accountability.  There is no shaming and no judgement.  No one tells you what to do; your coach gives you information or helps you remember stuff you already know (cuz we all know more than we think we do!) and then helps you apply it to your situation.

One of the big elements of Melissa's coaching is making sure you are prepared and confident to find a healthcare provider who will truly partner with you and listen to what you have to say.  You control at least 50% of that relationship but most of think it's more like 15%!  And, as a physician, she is one of the best coaches around for this part of your health journey!

If you think that all sounds like a lot to accomplish, it is!  Coaching with Melissa has a 3-month/6-visit minimum commitment so we have time to get you where you want to be!

Interested in more info?  Use that form above to send Melissa a message!